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Supervision of therapists offered by Charles Hershkowitz


I offer supervision for therapists working with individuals, couples or groups.

I'm addressing not only University-trained psychologists, but also:

Ø  masseurs/masseuses,  

Ø  osteopaths & physiotherapists,

Ø  acupuncturists,

Ø  bio-energetic therapists

Ø  family constellation therapists,

Ø  psychoanalytic therapists

Ø  systemic & narrative therapists,

Ø  non-Imago couple therapists,

Ø  some physicians,

Ø  some psychiatrists,

Ø  psychiatric social workers,

Ø  speech therapists,

Ø  cognitive, behavioral & EMDR therapists,

Ø  EFT and other "energy therapists” & kinesiologists.

My training and experience as a Psychiatrist on the one hand, and as an Imago Relationship Therapist on the other, are at the core of my way of supervising.

Indeed, some of the above therapists may realize that their work would benefit from more knowledge of and ease with, for instance :

  • diagnosis of personality disorders,
  • recognizing borderline & and psychotic conditions and coping more comfortably with them,
  • customized treatment plans & how to maintain their relevance as conditions change,
  • how to activate patients via "homework"  to do between sessions,
  • how to keep the ball of dialogue rolling when it tends to get stuck because of “transference”, “counter-transference”, or just the difficult nature of certain topics,
  • how to deepen and use the most intimate subjects arising within the therapist-patient relationship (attraction, amorous attachment, etc.), instead of avoiding them.

Contributions of Imago

Many of the insights and practical methods of Imago Relationship Therapy  have also helped me move toward more and more integration when doing other forms of psychotherapy as well as in my psychiatric work.

I do not have the status within the Imaqo school of a Trainer or Superviser. However, several ways of analyzing phenomena and doing practical interventions developed by the Imago school can be fruitfully transmitted to non-Imago practitioners who wish to try out a wider spectrum of effective treatment strategies and tools.

Last but not least :
In supervision sessions, respecting the professional options of the supervisee, whatever they are, is key for me; feedback regarding this possible issue is built into the  process in order to guarantee this respect.











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