Dr. Charles Hershkowitz, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist and certified Imago Relationship Therapist working with couples in Brussels
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  Psychotherapy & Coaching


  • Individual sessions 

           NOT like this :

           NOT like this :

           but THIS :

  • Work specially designed for HSPs (see www.HSPerson.com)

  • Cognitive & behavioral-oriented therapy, including for Burnout

  • Voice Dialogue : click here for info about this method

  • guided visualizations

  • EMDR  



You can read  2 "book reviews"  generously contributed to the Psychotherapy section:  

  1. on an excellent book about the Narcissistic Personality Disorder : see "book review NPD

  2. on Isha's book about her self-help system see : "Isha book review"


Continuous Groups

In certain periods, I run a Continuous Group on the theme of Emotional   Intelligence (cf. D. Goleman) and the old traumas which hold us back from having more of this intelligence when it’s most needed in our close relationships.

The sessions are held once a month. New participants can be blended into this ongoing Group by referral from other therapists.

Weekend Workshops

Occasionally I lead with Doris a Close Relationship Workshop on a weekend. The type of work done in these, inspired by the Imago method, is described in one of our recent prospecti: click here




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