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A few testimonials by patients 


Man, "P"
Single, age 50, employee in I.T. sector, 1.5 years of individual psychotherapy

I came with a mal de vivre which had brought me into depression and drug abuse.

You reconciled what had seemed irreconcilable to me: me and me. Of course, I remain with insupportable aspects of myself -- addiction, excesses --, but you taught me to sometimes master them, to soften them, to accept them.

At my moments of doubt I think of our sessions and get back on track.

Thank you for the path travelled, for your humanity and for the informal style you gave to our sessions.



Woman, "M"
age 50, Secretary, participant in 15 Couple Therapy sessions,

Thanks to your help, we have recuperated what was lost: compassion and understanding towards each other.  But we have also opened doors to new paths for our relationship, using the tools you gave us.

After all the work done together, I feel stronger, and somehow wiser than I was before.



Woman, "C"
age 45, Executive Coach, weekend Workshop participant

I appreciated very much your excellent weekend workshop “Close Relationship Workshop”.
I learned a lot, both in terms of the tools you presented and in terms of content and insights. 

Your workshop material is very well constructed, in particular the balance between theory and practice. I appreciated in particular the care you took to support and guide the participants while at the same time remaining delicate and careful in your interventions. 

The content is very powerful and to me it was relevant and useful. It helped me to see more clearly the personal path I need to follow and better understand my strengths.



Woman, "M.M."

age 42, Tennis instructor, participant in Lecture on "Why marriages fail"  

I participated one evening in this Lecture by Dr. Hershkowitz, which was very interesting and helpful.

It made me think about things I never paid attention to before. By taking care of these little details of ordinary life, my marriage improved a lot.









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